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What is JustRightMenus?

Reliable Recipes

Great recipes you can trust! That is the core of JustRightMenus. JRM is full of recipes that work. Browse alphabetically or (better) by category.

Help make this site better by creating a login and posting your own recipes. This site is also a great way to share your recipes with friends!

Practical Menu Plans

Check out the Menus tab (it'll link you over to the JRM blog). I post my weekly menus along with other meal planning suggestions. I'm all about what's on sale, what's fresh and in season, and what's economical. Even a fancy dinner at home is cheaper than a plain meal at a restaurant!

Choosing recipes, planning meals, shopping for groceries, and cooking can be challenging... let JustRightMenus help you!

Questions? Ideas? Comments? Leave your thoughts on the JustRightMenus Blog, Meals with the McRackans.

Thanks for checking us out!