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Example OpenIDs:


Why OpenID?

Ready to create and remember a new username and password just for this site?
No? Me neither!

That's why we've chosen to use OpenID.

  1. You sign up with any OpenID provider (includes Blogger, Flickr, WordPress and more)
  2. You can use that OpenID username on any site that supports it -- including this one

Your OpenID is just a URL that you enter into our login box... you'll then be redirected over to the login page for where you got the OpenID from... they'll tell us that you're, well, you. That's it!

Where do I get one?

Chances are you already have one but don't know it.

How can I find out if I already have one?
A list of places that give you one automatically is at http://openid.net/get/. The list includes Blogger, Flickr, Yahoo, and WordPress. Click the link to see the list & how to find out what your ID is.
If you have a Blogger account... in the Settings section is a tab for OpenID that will tell you your OpenID name.

What if I am not signed up with any service on that list?
If you don't have an OpenID name/URL yet, you can also sign up for a new one with any provider. http://www.myopenid.com is a popular choice.

Doesn't this defeat the purpose though? Pick another username so I won't have to pick another username??? The difference is: you can use your OpenID anywhere that supports it. If OpenID gets heavy adoption, you'll save yourself from having to remember lots more usernames + passwords. If no one uses it ever again, you're still no worse off, because we need some way to know it's you on this site.