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Summer Smoothie

Submitted by: JustRightMenus

Servings: 1/2 gallon

Categories: The Produce Box, dessert, melon, party food, raspberry, snack

From the kitchen of:

The Produce Box newsletter 2010


3 small Sprite melons, juiced (can substitute with other melons of course)

1 c. frozen raspberries, thawed

3 3/4 c. ginger ale


Cut or peel off the rind of the sprite melon. Then, extract the juice by either running the fruit through a juicer or by placing it in a blender and then straining it to remove the pulp.

Pour into a mixing bowl and set aside.

Blend the thawed rapspberries and pour into the mixing bowl.

Add the ginger ale.

Mix thoroughly and chill in the refrigerator.

Serve over ice and, if desired, garnish with a twist of orange or lime.