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Quick Saute of Zucchini with Toasted Almonds

Submitted by: JustRightMenus

Servings: 2-4

Categories: squash, veggie

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2 TB olive oil

2 TB thinly sliced almonds

1 to 2 small zucchini, cut into 1/8-inch matchsticks with a knife or julienne blade on a mandoline


Freshly ground pepper

Few ounces pecorino Romano or paremsan, in thin slices — a peeler works great for this


Heat the oil on high in a large skillet. When it is hot but not smoking, add the almonds to the pan.

Cook them while stirring, until the almonds are golden-brown; this will take approximately a minute or two.

Add the zucchini to the pan, tossing it with the oil and almonds until it just begins to glisten, about one minute. The idea is not to cook the zucchini so much as warm it.

Season with salt and pepper and serve immediately, with or without cheese on top